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This unedited photograph is from my most recent photo session with a client who agreed to model for my calendar project.  This particular client is a bodybuilder working on getting his Pro card.  That means that once he wins the Overall in Show in a national qualifier bodybuilding show he can then compete on a national level in show like Mr. USA and such for cash prizes.

This photo session shows a little different from my others studio sessions because it was on location at a local gym, talk about tricky!  Not only did I have to work around all of the workout machines, benches and weights, but there were a lot of mirrors and windows.  I didn't have as much control over the lighting as I would've liked because the windows were too big to cover but the mirrors were good.  I was able use the mirrors for added reflectors but that also caused some background issues, namely keeping myself and the lights out of the picture.  Just when I got the lighting where I wanted it, I’d take a photo, watch it come up on the laptop and what did I see…me crouched down and holding the camera right in front of my client!  So, then I would have to readjust my lighting just a bit for a new angle that did not include me in the background.  There were almost a hundred photos taken during this shoot and this photo is one that the client really liked so I am considering this image for use in the calendar.


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